Jones Technical Services specializes in creating custom network and facilities documentation systems.  We work with our clients to design, develop and implement systems to effectively document their office environment.  This can include:

  • logical and physical network diagrams;
  • building/room diagrams showing equipment, data, telecom, and power connections;
  • detailed rack/cabinet and patch panel diagrams;
  • power and patch panel directories;
  • labeling of equipment and receptacles;
  • equipment inventory database;
  • software inventory database;
  • computer and telephone user instructions;
  • policies and procedures


Documents may be organized in various forms as preferred by the client, for example:

  • an "intranet" web site with hyperlinks and active query capabilities;
  • slide show presentations;
  • printed and bound

We create customized procedures that enable the client to easily update and maintain the new documentation system.

Benefits of Documentation

Help your IT organization reduce costs, avoid problems and improve the corporate image!  Firms that target ISO accreditation must have well-documented policies and procedures.  We have the tools and experience to help you:

  • manage change;
  • reduce training and support costs;
  • support disaster recovery planning;
  • address audit issues;
  • plan new systems or enhancements to your network;
  • reduce the impact of turnover or loss of key employees.

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